Who Am I

What an interesting question – ‘Who am I?’

Friends, colleagues and clients say I am ‘passionately curious, highly intuitive, warm, empathic, annoyingly punctual, creative, like a dog with a bone, down to earth, inspiring, insightful, straight talking and funny’. Generous words!

I on the other hand experience myself as ‘A happy, loving and intensely curious woman, passionate about people and constantly seeking knowledge, wisdom, mastery and connection’.

These two very different answers reflect that I cannot truly know who I am unless I allow myself the joy and the pain of being in relationship – irrespective of whether it is intimate, social or business in nature.

The principles that influence my work

This understanding, combined with my studies in Systemic and Transpersonal thinking as well the Inter-personal Neurobiology means that at the core of everything I do is my deep rooted belief in the following principles:-

    • We are relational by nature and built for connection
    • We all crave to make meaning of our experiences
    • We have the ability to change the structure of our brains
    • All conflict is an opportunity for growth
    • Relational Intelligence is fundamental to our ability to live a happy and purposeful life
  • So whatever the context, this gives me the framework to work with my clients, exploring their experiences in depth so as to identify underlying patterns and connections, while at the same time helping them understand how their brain functions in order to develop their Relational Intelligence.  This combination has the potential to significantly influence their ability to gain a higher level of personal and relational mastery and live happier and more fulfilled lives.

    Business history and training

    My business background includes PR, Marketing and Personal Development across a number of different sectors.  As a result, I am acutely aware of the pressures of the commercial and corporate world as well as the impact of inter-personal relationships on our ability to perform, create and be happy.

    In addition to my business experience, my studies includes a Post Graduate qualification in psychotherapy from the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education.  Further training included certifying as an Imago relationship therapist and a Results Coach.  I am registered with the UKCP, the ICF and a member of the BACP.

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