I seem to have developed an obsession with neuroscience.  It began some four years ago when I read a book by Dan Siegel called ‘Parenting from the Inside Out’ and most recently a book by David Rock called ‘Your Brain at Work’

Discovering the work of Dan Siegel and David Rock has encouraged me to learn more about the functioning of the mind and brain, enabling me to use both (the mind and the brain) to positively change myself and my relationships.

As an agent of change, I am constantly looking for ways to help myself and my clients develop awareness as a means to help us transform our lives.  In a world where multi-tasking is the norm, this can be extremely challenging as it feels we have little or no time to slow down, breathe deeply and give our full attention to what is happening right here, right now - in this very moment.

Interestingly, the more time and energy I commit to understanding my brain and mind the less reactive and more present I am.  I feel safer, more grounded and as a result I am more productive, effective, connected and happy – and for me that’s a really good thing!

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Posted by Kerry-Lyn on 18/10/10 at 03:19pm
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There is a very big part of me that wishes all relationships had the fairy tale ending. You know the one where they ride off into the sunset and live ‘Happily Ever After’.
Having been through a divorce myself, I am acutely aware that for many the fairy tale ending eludes us and we find ourselves heading down the slippery slope of separation and divorce.

I remember the day I asked my (then) husband for a divorce.  I was awash with a murky mixture of relief and complete panic as I had absolutely no idea how to navigate this unknown, complex and painful process.  Frustratingly, people around me seemed more interested in questioning my decision or making sure I was ‘getting a good deal’ rather than giving me what I really needed with was help to unravel the relationship (without the ‘compulsory’ fighting, blaming and shaming) and deal with the onslaught of emotions that came my way. 

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Posted by Kerry-Lyn on 04/10/10 at 03:16pm
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