I’ve just re-read a brilliant book called ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman.  What I particularly enjoy about the book is the simplicity with which he explores the different ways people express and interpret love – hence the title ‘The Five Love Languages’.

Some of you may instantly know your own primary love language and for other it may not be that easy.  Either way, the book is littered with true life examples that can help you identify how each love language is expressed in the day to day world.  For Gary the five love languages are:-

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Posted by Kerry-Lyn on 27/08/10 at 11:25am
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13th August 2010

The Power of Appreciation

In the past few weeks I have spent a large amount of time reflecting on the power of appreciation and how it differs from a simple ‘Thank-you’.

For me a simple ‘thank-you’ lacks the deeper validation of what has taken place and the impact on me and my world.  It qualifies the thank-you and reflects the all important relational element which I feel we are rarely taught in an intimate, social or business context.

Why engage in an appreciation?

Appreciations on this level haven’t always come naturally to me but, the more I engage with them the more I discover their power – not just as a giver but as a receiver too.

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Posted by Kerry-Lyn on 13/08/10 at 01:15pm
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