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Every organisation is a living, breathing eco system made up of a complex web of relationships. Relationships which, when left unattended, lead to conflictual, fearful, restricted and survival based interactions. These interactions then lead to dysfunctional teams, lack of motivation, poor productivity and reduced creativity.

Focus on the Quality of the Relationships

New research shows that the success of an organisation is fundamentally affected by the quality of the relationships within and around it. It also shows the quality of these relationships is heavily influenced by our ability to:-

  • Actively listen to each other in order that we feel ‘heard’
  • Suspend judgements and open up to the possibility of new ideas
  • Develop relational presence
  • Develop a deep understand of Inter-Personal Neurobiology and the functioning of the brain
  • Become dialogical as a way to create safety to explore the invisible dynamics, deal with challenges and release creativity
  • Develop respect and appreciation for difference

Developing Relational Intelligence to Sustain Positive Change

As a Relationship Facilitator I will assist you in exploring and positively increasing the Relational Intelligence that lives within your teams and the organisation as a whole. Drawing on a number of resources I offer your leaders and top teams powerful, user friendly, tools to:-

  • Dissolve conflict
  • Let go of problem-based management
  • Release stuck energies
  • Reduce attrition rates
  • Meet deadlines
  • Sustain change

All of which has the potential to increase commitment, motivation, resourcefulness, creativity, productivity and profitability!

How I work

Irrespective of the programme format, my key objective is to help you develop high performance leaders and teams through the use of Relational Intelligence.

All programmes are custom designed and may include workshops, regular or one-off team and leadership coaching, right through to speaking at conferences.

You are welcome to get in touch via email or mobile +44 7887 856 154. to set up a time to explore your current situation, how I might assist you, and whether it feels appropriate for us to take it to the next stage.

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What Clients Say

Working with Kerry-Lyn has been the most unbelievably rewarding experience. Her unique approach has enabled me to develop in so many areas of my life. I would highly recommend you work with her if you want to unlock your potential and get to the bottom of what is holding you back. I feel privileged to work with Kerry-lyn’ - GW – CEO - Telecoms


Working with Kerry-Lyn is a truly brilliant and unique experience. She is warm, positive, focused and highly intuitive. The work with Kerry-Lyn substantially increased my teams' cohesion and effectiveness on the project and I completely recommend her to any organization wanting to uncover what is really going on in their teams and individuals, she's dynamite!. - Katy Appleton - Founder & Director of Appleyoga

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Develop your Relational Intelligence and experience the rewards of high performing teams and sustainable change.