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Let’s face it relationships are complex! They consume huge amounts of our time and energy. We spend a large percentage of our lives trying to get into relationship; trying to get out of relationship; or just trying to understand the ones we are in.

The early stages of relationship are often full of romance, laughter and fun, with days and day of intense deep connection during which time you feel energised, happy and ‘in love’.

This is often followed by fighting, shouting, the ‘silent treatment’, slamming doors, and questions like ‘What happened’, ‘How did we get here?’ and ‘Is this the relationship for me?’

All of which can leave you feeling lost, confused, hurt, frustrated and exhausted. 

So how can therapy help?

No matter the stage of your relationship, I will work with you and your partner to find a new way of ‘being’ in relationship together. Drawing on the principles of Encounter Based Therapy and Imago we will spend our time focusing on:-

  • Learning the Three Invisible Connectors which will fundamentally increase your ability to navigate the complexities of relationship and dissolve conflict
  • Increasing your Relational Intelligence
  • Developing a shared language and communication style
  • Understanding how your brain functions and how you can use it to change your relationship
  • Renewing and reviving the passion and connection in your relationship

By placing our focus on these key areas, you will begin to integrate practical tools which will help you navigate a wide range of issues such as finances, co-parenting, affairs, sex, decision making and at the extreme separation and divorce. The intention behind everything we do together is to help you move back into connection so you feel more relaxed, happy and energised.

An added bonus is that, given the transportable nature of the work, you can use it within the wider family too - opening doors for parents and children to establish new and safer ways of communicating with each other.

How does it work?

Well, I work a little differently from most as I offer two different programmes. This is because I find different couples work in very different ways. So by designing two different programmes I am offering you the opportunity to work in the way that best suits you and your relationship.

1.  ‘Relationship Detox’ Programme

This programe is designed to eliminate negativity from your relationship permanently!  It includes a two hour session once a week for eight consecutive weeks, and is perfect for you if you feel you and your relationship would benefit from regular ongoing support as you integrate what you are learning.

A key benfit of this programme is that you and your partner will have the opportunity to spend time between sessions, using the new tools and observing the change.  It also means you then bring your learning and challenges to the next session.

In each session you will work with a ‘live’ issue with the knowledge that I will guide and support you through the process and work with questions and challenges as they arise in the moment.

Whether you are looking to kick-start your relationship into connection, heal from an affair, or learn how to co-parent, by the end of the eight weeks you will have all the skills you need to navigate the journey of your relationship in an effective, connected and safe way.

2.  ‘Re-Invent Your Relationship’ Programme

The ‘Re-Inventing Relationship’ Programme is a great way to get greater results, faster!

The programme is two full days in length, and gives you and your partner a unique opportunity to spend a good chunk of time exploring your relational patterns, developing your Relational Intelligence, and learnng a whole new way of being together - all within a safe and secure environment.  This programme is perfect for couples who are struggling to make time for their relationship, as well as those who feel their relationship is stagnating and/or have lost connection, right through to those who are trying to recover from an affair.

Couples tell me that the intensives are also far less disruptive to their work and family commitment, as there is no need to attend weekly ongoing sessions.

The added bonus - they are 10% cheaper than the eight week programe!

Whichever programme you choose, this work is transformational and I would love the opportunity to work with you to change your relationship and help you feel connected, energised and happy!

If you would like to book a programme with me, or to find out more about how I work, feel free to contact me

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What Clients Say

Thank you for teaching me how to communicate in a safe, loving, effective manner. Your facilitation was above and beyond the level of care, genuine concern, unconditional love and professionalism I'd come to expect. - F.K, Australia


Kerry Lyn has an amazing ability to keep us focused and connecting deeply through facilitating our use of the Imago communication framework. She is extremely supportive and engaging in her style and actually gets down on the floor next to you to make it more real if you are getting off track. Kerry Lyn and Imago have opened new doors for us, allowing us to recommit to a lifetime together in a more peaceful way. - Couple 5 years married, UK


Working with Kerry-Lyn has transformed our relationship. With her help and guidance, we have embarked on a journey of continuous discovery, deep connection and consciousness. Kerry-Lyn has given us the tools to be in relationship and we are now truly excited about and fully committed to our future together. - C & M, London

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